Hi-Fi Furniture

The MM01 rethinks the way a sound system inhabits a space. Aesthetic and functional quality merge, culminating in an active speaker system with tube amplifiers. The equipment integrates Bluetooth tech, airplay, two mini plug, and two RCA inputs, making it possible to connect many devices, even a turntable. It’s so perfect for spinning records, in fact, that underneath its marble top is a layer of neoprene for complete sound cushioning!

The active speakers system is a technology where each speaker has an amplifier, optimizing the operation of each transducer, increasing linearity, reducing distortion and losses and avoiding crossover networks. Tube amps give each harmonics, making them pleasant to the human ear. When the tube amp reaches its power limit, this tends to compress what is not capable of reproduction; while a transistor one, in the same circumstance, causes a shrill sound.

Designer: mob