Less phone, More Touchscreen!


What’s better than a phone with a curved screen? A phone with screens everywhere! What’s better than having to wear a fitness tracking device to check your medical stats? Having a phone who’s camera can perform a pretty decent bio-scan to check up on your health!

I love conceptual designs. They’re wild, outlandish, and sometimes unrealistic, given today’s tech capabilities. But that’s what pushes technology, to be honest. Nothing gives science a direction more than conceptual designs. If it hadn’t been for Back to the Future, we wouldn’t have spent our lives creating actual working hoverboards! The Touch-Sense is a phone that replaces all conventional modes of interaction one has with a phone… with touchscreens. The volume rocker is a touch screen, the standby button is a touch screen. There’s even a screen on the back, around the camera. The designer’s motive here was to create a phone that uses technology to simplify the phone’s visual design. I’ll be honest, the phone looks like a slab of polished granite now. I am impressed, truth be told.

Remember the fitness tracker simile I used earlier? Well the Touch-Sense has a rear surface that uses appropriate sensors to detect anything from heart-problems, to even skin ailments. The dedicated back screen displays diagnostics, making the phone not just a communication device, but also your own personal doctor of sorts. Now ain’t that just cool?

Designer: Ben Ingignieri