Glowing and Growing

You see, the thing with the olden days was that sunlight was all we had. Providing light and nourishment (Vitamin D) for both flora and fauna, until we went and invented fire and consequently the light-bulb (You say Edison, I say Tesla, that’s a whole different argument). The point I’m trying to make, is that light was synonymous with growth/nourishment since time immemorial. Ambienta reminds us of that. Designed to be a lamp that also has a self irrigating planter with it, the lamp not just lights up the room, but also shines down on the plants, providing them with their daily photosynthetic needs. The LEDs within the lamp mimic natural white light enabling floral growth, and can also be switched to ambient light, if you want something more mellow for your space. The Lamp is easy to use from the get go, with a design that integrates as well as separates electrical components from soil and water. The central channel carries the water to the soil, and the opening on top is where you periodically pour water in. The soil bed is actually an engineered material called rockwool, known to help retain water and also enable faster growth in plants. Ambienta’s clever design comes to you fully assembled. All you have to do is place the plants (pre-grown) into their designated spots in the lamp’s base, and plug the lamp in. That’s all it takes to have a green thumb and an illuminated home…really!

Designer: Daniel Pouzet

Buy It Here: $209.00 $270.00