The Internet’s fortress of solitude


Looking like one big Arctic icicle, the Data Skyscraper is a proposed design for a massive data hub located in Iceland. Deesigned to be vertical, so as to occupy less space, the skyscraper is an alternative to energy-guzzling data farms located around the world, that not only occupy tonnes of space, but also consume large amounts of fossil fuel to function properly. Iceland has the ability to provide low-cost renewable energy, making this data center a safe and sustainable project. The location also uses the natural environment to its advantage and provide the necessary cooling required for a data center this big. Plus, the internet-rebel in me thinks it’s a much better idea to have a data hub in Iceland, far away from the snooping eyes of the NSA. 😛

The Data Skyscraper secured the 3rd prize at the Evolo Skyscraper Competition this year.

Designers: Valeria Mercuri & Marco Merletti.