A Healthy Lifestyle in a Lamp!

It sounds strange to me too, but the Ambion lamps are genuinely therapeutic. We spend a large part of our lives indoors, built around a lifestyle that isn’t natural to us, and most people believe that this disconnect from the outdoors and from nature is the result of most ailments. Cancer being one of them.

Ambion is a series of lamps that help negate the effects of our artificial lifestlye. Crafted from Himalayan salt crystals that date back as far as 250 million years ago, these beautifully designed lamps look more like modern products, rather than the natural, therapeutic devices they are. The salt crystals are known to emit negative ions, which do wonders for our health by purifying our air of all sorts of toxins, and even making us feel relaxed and stress free. Plus, the ambient orange light emitted from these lamps create the perfect zen-vironment! (Yes. That’s my word now!)

As I said earlier, the Ambion lamps don’t look like they belong in a spa. Seamlessly integrating natural therapy with contemporary design, the Ambion lamps are a brilliant example of fusion, not just in philosophy, but in its visual style too! I personally think they look otherworldly. And I love it!!

Designer: Ambion Design

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