A Must Have for Camping Cooks


Gas cookers come in handy for camping, but rarely is there the luxury of a flat surface on which their circular base can rest stably. Tripodal designs are more effective with three point stability but they still lack leveling capability. This is a common, problematic flaw that prevents safety and convenience.

The Compact And Stable Gas Canister Stand, however, does just like the name suggests by utilizing a system of height-adjustable legs that, with a simple twist, enable the stand to be placed securely and balanced on both sloped or uneven ground. There is a clipping feature under the curve of the canister with a three-point magnetic clasp. It avoids protruding below the base so that it can also be used on flat ground without being unfolded.

When cooking, the weight of the pot pushes the three legs together to grip the canister tightly. This ensures a stable platform and enables the stand to automatically adjust for the slight difference in canister sizes between manufacturers. The design uses the weight of the pot and the hinged leg design to grip the canister. The magnetic clip holds the stand for an additional layer of stability.

This design is a 2015 Red Dot Award for Design Concept.

Designer: Sean Bryson