It’s a Date

We all have our ways of remembering important events in our lives. Setting reminders on our mobile devices, writing in journals, and some folks simply rely on Facebook for those. But sometimes, there are those special occasions that have even more meaning, like your first kiss with your partner, first date, e.g., and you may not want to have it posted all over social media, but you want to be reminded of it throughout the day. So, let me take you on a Datelight tour.

Datelight was created by designer, Cody Moore. He first created the light for his sisters as Christmas gifts, but decided he wanted it to be more than just any old lamp. Datelight is more than just a lamp, it works in conjunction with the Datelight app on your mobile device. Just enter in dates that are important to you, which then syncs up with the lamp.

On a normal day, Datelight glows simply on the inner circle. On those days where reminders are set, it will glow on the outer ring as well, and if the day is of even more importance, the lighting will illuminate the wall even more. You have control of those memories. However, if you can’t quite remember what that reminder is – yes, we’ve all been there, you simply rotate the raised section of Datelight counter clockwise, and the event details will be displayed. Great idea, and the design looks to be a really nice addition to any interior design style.

Designer: Cody Moore