Efficiently Water your Lawn… and Intruders!

You’d think that an autonomous lawn-watering robot and a surveillance camera would seem like an odd combo, but trust me. Your eyes are yet to be opened. Yardian is your no-nonsense, reliable Yard Guardian. Aside from its clever name, it keeps a track of your yard in a way that puts multi-taskers to shame. The Yardian comes with a powerful surveillance camera that gives you footage of your lawn in real-time. Not only is it great for keeping track of your lawn’s progress, it allows you to keep an eye on children or pets playing in the yard, or even keep a check on the house/garden staff. Its rugged, waterproof design means you can mount it outdoors and not worry about inclement weather. Along with that, Yardian’s advanced cloud servers power the irrigation system to water your garden, optimizing water usage based on weather as well as your city/state’s water restriction permits. The servers run Yardian’s proprietary smart-algorithm that bases itself on EPA’s Watersense program to efficiently use and conserve water.

The Yardian also puts its camera to good use by allowing it to act as a surveillance cam for your garden. It comes with night vision and a motion detector that captures images and videos of intruders, which it then broadcasts directly to your phone… allowing you to alert the authorities, or switch the sprinklers on to give your neighborhood thief a good scare! Isn’t this what technology should be for?!

The Yardian is a functional as well as financial win. It extends its internal camera’s functionality, essentially doing two jobs efficiently. Its powerful software also enables it to use water judiciously, not only saving up on the precious resource, but also syncing with local databases to make sure you don’t rack up a hefty water-restriction fine! Plus, given the opportunity to drench trespassers with the single press of a button, I’m sold!

Designer: Yu-Shu Hsieh

BUY IT HERE: $159.00 $299.00. Limited to 50.