The Sweetest Spoon Ever

Inspired by the many natural benefits of honey, the Balgo Honey Spoon was designed to streamline the process of adding honey to your drink. No more messy packets or sticky fingers- simply peel back the spoon’s cover and drop it in your drink. The spoon doubles as a stirrer so there’s also less waste!

Designer: Emir Rifat Isik


  • Feniks says:

    Such an idea I had years ago. I did not report it. I hope that you will earn a lot with it. So I will be more motivated to put their ideas in a timely manner. 🙂
    I think it’s a good idea. Best of luck.

  • maestro says:

    such a simple and unique idea, like it very much..very convincing, good luck!!

  • Ally Mac says:

    It’s attractive for sure but heck that’s a lot of disposable plastic there regardless of how much they’ve minimized the waste…

    Now if the spoon was also edible 😉

  • tom green says:

    as usual the simplest of designs are always the best. where can i buy them???

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