Get Up, Stand Up


It’s so important now a days as we all are behind a computer screen for over 40 hours a week to get up and move around. It’s easy to fall into a sedentary lifestyle which is bad for our bodies, metabolism, spine and so much more. I personally just recently bought a stand up desk and the changes it has already caused in me are amazing. However, it’s hard to stand constantly without something to cushion or lean back on to take pressure off of my legs, feet and spine too.

The Experimental Standing chair project, by Ariel Levay, looks like an incredible solution to the too much standing, too much sitting problem. The chair was designed to help the user to have a variety of posture changes. It will allow for leaning, but also a position to help take weight off the feet as well. The chair was designed to be sturdy, and really has an elegant design that would look good in any modern office environment.

Designer: Ariel Levay