Absolutely genius bathroom attachment gives you TWO showerheads so you can shower with your partner

It isn’t often that I find myself heartily laughing at a design just because it’s so delightful to look at. The Tandem Shower proposes a solution to an unconventional problem that not everyone seems to talk about, but has surely plagued plenty of people. Here’s the problem – Hollywood has somehow made showering together look incredibly sexy when in fact, it’s nothing short of a logistical nightmare. Sure, double beds can accommodate two people comfortably… but that one showerhead wasn’t designed for two people. So when a couple decides to ‘spice things up’ by showering together, the sad reality is that only one person gets to shower at a time while the other stands beside them, feeling cold because they’re dripping wet. The Tandem Shower aims at solving that problem by simply doubling the amount of showerheads in the bathroom.

Designers: Jeff Feiereisen, Brett Skaloud, Sydney Minnis & Olivia Blechschmidt

Click Here to Buy Now: $249 $349 ($100 off). Hurry, for a limited time only. Raised over $650,000.

Although difficult to execute properly, showering together is a pretty neat idea. It saves time, saves water, and more importantly, it’s a fun bonding experience just like cooking together, brushing teeth together, or snuggling on the sofa and watching TV. Designed to attach directly to your existing showerhead, the Tandem Shower is an easy-to-install no-plumber-required shower accessory that distributes your shower into two distinct streams. Although perfect for couples, the Tandem Shower also makes a pretty compelling case for solo showers with a much more luxurious, immersive 360° shower experience (think Ross Geller in the tanning booth).

The Tandem Shower comes with an adjustable design, allowing it to fit in most bathrooms. It connects directly to your existing showerhead’s water inlet, which effectively distributes the water supply between the two shower heads. A valve on the Tandem Shower then lets you effectively switch between either of the showerheads, or run both simultaneously. It’s worth noting that the Tandem Shower was also designed keeping other considerations in mind – for starters, it comes with a flexible hose that lets you mount your Tandem with plenty of clearance, allowing for a second showerhead that’s much higher than your current one (especially useful for taller people). The Tandem showerhead also comes mounted on a ball and socket joint, letting you angle-adjust your water flow like you would with the existing shower. Don’t have a traditional showerhead? The Tandem Shower was designed to work with a wide variety of showerhead styles, even with handhelds.

In three different settings. The high velocity setting in particular delivers nearly two times more force than standard showerheads.

Height Adjustable. It actually allows taller people to have a showerhead that’s much higher than their main showerhead.

Custom-designed valve allows you to adjust the flow between the two showerheads.

The Tandem Shower opens up the space for a couple to shower comfortably together while also covering you head-to-toe in a solo shower.

Tandem Shower is also easily compatible with other showerheads, including handhelds.

Chrome Finish

Black Finish

Miami Finish

The bizarrely delightful idea for a dual-shower system came from Brett Skaloud and Jeff Feiereisen, two engineers who met while working at Amazon. Having previously worked the Amazon Go stores and the autonomous delivery robot Scout, Brett and Jeff collectively had enough experience in product development to comfortably pull off the Tandem Shower together. I wouldn’t be surprised if Amazon even had concrete search data to prove that a dual-shower system was in some sort of demand. However, I digress… After spending roughly a year working on the Tandem together, Brett and Jeff took to Kickstarter to help crowdfund their idea into existence.

For now, the Tandem Shower costs $249 (that’s a $100 bucks off its retail price), and is relatively easy to install without requiring any plumber or expert. The Tandem Shower is available in Chrome, Black, and Miami (blue + salmon pink) colors, and can comfortably fit in showers with a wall-to-wall distance between 57″ and 76″. You can visit Tandem Shower’s Kickstarter page to drop in your pledge for the shower attachment. Who knows, it might just be the most fun showering experience you could possibly ask for!

Click Here to Buy Now: $249 $349 ($100 off). Hurry, for a limited time only. Raised over $650,000.