Rubik’s Portable Light Cube


“We now have a new generation of products where the form bears absolutely no relation to the function” said Alice Rawsthorn in the documentary Objectified. LED lights go to show that luminaries can now look like pretty much anything. The shape of a bulb, or a tube-light, or a CFL doesn’t drive the design. It is in fact the outer design that drives the arrangement of the LEDs within it. Enevu CUBE is a delightful looking light source that outshines other lamps even double its size!

With the LEDs inside, one can change CUBE’s color to light up your spaces with an ambient mood light. CUBE’s LEDs also allow it to become a rather powerful white area-light. With its rather cute/convenient size, CUBE is perfect for both brightening up as well as mellowing down any environment you’re in. And its quirky cube shape is sure to leave your buddies intrigued and impressed!

Designer: Lorenzo Scazziga

Buy It Here: $18.99 $30.00