When the packaging is too perfect.


The good thing about sugar cubes is how convenient they are. They’re standardized, so it’s much more accurate to say two cubes of sugar than two spoons (spoons vary in size, you see). Cubes also make efficient use of packaging, because they fit perfectly into cuboid shaped packages. You see, while they fit in perfectly, it’s the taking out that’s a hair-pulling affair. One usually has to tip the package over and have five, ten, or a whole bunch fall out. Then take one and rearrange the rest. What the Cube Sugar packaging cleverly does, is that it allows you to mess up the arrangement of cubes on the inside, so you can easily pick up a single cube. The front flap has a bellow detail that allows it to expand outwards, increasing space on the inside, so that the cubes can break formation. It ain’t rocket science, but it’s a simple, beautiful idea!

Designers: Dr. Gao Fenglin, Huang Xiaofei & Zhou Buyi (Nanoin).