This minimal + efficient workstation is a smooth culmination of Japanese craftsmanship + German design

Offices have been opening up, and people have been making their way back to their dreary old work desks. However, companies have begun to adopt a more flexible and hybrid working system that also includes a fair portion of work from home. In such a situation, not only do we need well-designed commercial offices, but home offices as well. And a great way to ensure that we have a productive and efficient space to work in is by adding nifty and ergonomic furniture designs to them. And one such design is the Spectrum Workstation Round ST160 by Geckeler Michels.

Designer: Studio Geckeler Michels for Karimoku New Standard

Studio Geckeler Michels designed the Spectrum Workstation Round ST160 for Karimoku New Standard. Karimoku New Standard is an offshoot of Karimoku. It was founded to easily combine the brand’s craftsmanship with design studios around the world. The studio designed the minimal workstation to bring a semblance of calm and tranquility to our hectic workspaces. The station perfectly embodies Japanese craftsmanship and German design, in an attempt to merge stunning aesthetics with efficiency and functionality. It has been crafted from solid Japanese oak wood and is designed to support a flexible and dynamic style of working. It aims to create such an environment in both home and corporate offices, to keep up with the newer hybrid work models.

The Spectrum Workstation features a central cable tunnel in the shape of a circle. The tunnel is placed in the center of the table, hence providing users with easy and efficient access to electronic charging. This also maintains a neat desk, as it makes cable organization simpler and swifter. The workstation can seat up to six people quite comfortably, so it’s also great to sit together and interact and collaborate. It can serve as an excellent space for casual meetings.

The furniture design officially rates high on functionality, but the studio also paid close attention to its aesthetics. The warm and inviting table comes in both a black and natural finish. So, you can pick the finish that better suits the interiors of your workspace. Besides the workstation, the brand’s Spectrum series also includes other unique and well-designed tables in different sizes and heights – all crafted using sustainably sourced Japanese hardwoods.