The HexSkin

Quite recently I had a massive fall and busted open my knee. The wound was deep, wide and the kinds that cannot be stitched. I have to admit, that I am ticked at the primitive ways my wounds are dressed. It’s the same old sterile gauze and cotton with Hydrogen Peroxide and Anti-bacterial ointments. I could do with the funky styling of the HexSkin, which is a nurturing bandage that dissolves over the skin. It provides meds and a faster healing process.

Designer: Felipe Castañeda


  • kat says:

    High-tech aid! How about that! Nice

  • gogirl says:

    Brilliant…we need more such creations…

  • hatim says:

    Wow! Speechless.

  • kitkat says:

    Dissolving bandage. Wow

  • Mike says:

    Fashionable BandAids will always be welcome.

  • gorl gone wild says:

    Fashionistas will not complain about those nips and cuts…

  • Lee says:

    This concept needs to hot the markets soon!

  • bree says:

    Interesting name Hexskin. Love the concept

  • mia says:

    Wowie! I like this one.

  • bill says:

    Are these comments being paid for? There ridiculous. “Speechless” … “Wowie”
    Please Yanko, they are making a fool out of your blog

  • Alex Smith says:

    I agree with Bill!

    All those comments are so stupid, because they are made by stupid people!

    Really, a comment like this is allowed to even be posted:


    First of all, this invention idea is very awesome!

    But we already have, enough products, that do the same thing: Heal Wounds Fast!

    One of those products, is called Turmeric! It’s beautiful, and natural!

    We dont need this for 3 reasons!

    1) It looks like the person has some areas of their skin embedded with hex shaped bolts that are micron thick and flexible!

    For all those people that gave this stupid idea, nice comments:

    Incase you didn’t know, there is something called Spray-On Bandage(s)!

    And plus, this is not a new idea!If we have Turmeric, and Spray-On Bandages, how’s this an invention!

    It’s gay and extremely stupid! And not cost-effective!

    Turmeric, on the other hand is the real Bandage,because it’s natural and you only need, a very small amount to stop massive bleeding!


    3) And before bandages of any type/kind were invented, peole in India used Turmeric to help coagulate the blood, to stop the bleeding/heal wounds faster for 5000 years!

    4) Turmeric( Curcuma Longa) is a plant of Indian Origin!

    Since, it has compounds which have, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties!

    It still is being researched further, but science says that, the compound Curcumin, found in Turmeric is not of those holding the two properties!

    Plus there is already something called: Vetigel

    Which does the same thing:

    Help, wounds heal faster by helping the blood coagulate!

    It’s already featured on Yanko Design!



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