H2O Safety and Style


Lifejackets can mean the difference between life or death but the cumbersome fit and general discomfort, especially in the water, discourage users from wearing them. Until now, that is. The IUW is one that won’t cramp your bod or your style!

Diminutive compared to your average lifejacket, the barely-there design combines the features of a sport lifejacket (PFD type 3) and throwable device (PFD type 4). It fits the user just above the midsection, wrapping over just one shoulder, to promote comfort and movability in and out of the water without restriction the arms, neck or torso. IUW not only functions as a flotation device, but also aids in the process of pulling the user out of water onshore or aboard a boat using a durable belt made of polyester tape. It also enables a secure grip during rescue operations.

Inside, low density polyurethane foam shapes to the wearers body. Outside, nylon coated neoprene offers excellent insulation, water resistance, durability against abrasions, and UV protection. In vibrant, easy-to-see colors, it combines the best of safety and style!

Designer: Julia Grochal