In the B.Link of an Eye


If you’re a business professional and you find yourself out networking, you know how quickly your pockets can fill up with the business cards of the people whom you have interacted with. If you’re like me, you get home from said event and really don’t feel like adding all the contacts to your Smartphone or smart device – typing names and numbers and details can become quite the cumbersome task. The cards get stashed away and just when you remember you need to contact that certain someone you met at the event, you can’t remember where you placed the business card. Such a vicious cycle., a super convenient, portable business card scanner can now save you time and keep those cards organized and stored in, yep, you guessed it – the of an eye. This 2015 reddot award winner design can scan the business card in a mere 3 seconds and transfer all the details to the users connected devices for easy retrieval. The card case can even hold up to 30 cards. Talk about an answer to my organizational needs! comes in a variety of colored eco-leather and even has a gorgeous light ring making the case even more elegant and because it is pocket sized, it is super portable for all business professionals. The design team DTOI, must have been reading my mind on this one – I definitely need this.

Designer: DTOI Studio