The first ever Maternity wearable!


It feels like Wearable’s Week here on Yanko, with us talking about the happiness measuring Zenta wristband just yesterday. Today’s fitness wearable, unlike the Zenta, targets a niche audience, but it isn’t about your fitness, per se. The Birthstone (that’s what it’s called) is a wearable that is essentially a medical device, but through virtue of design, aims at becoming a desirable piece of tech… for a good reason, obviously.

The Birthstone is for expectant mothers. Its primary function is to alert mothers when they are too close to a source of electromagnetic-radiation. Radiation can have profound effects on growing fetuses, and the Birthstone allows mums-to-be to distance themselves from anything that may pose a threat to their child’s well-being. The ‘Stone’ sits within a stylish looking silicone band. It can be removed and fitted easily into a band of another color. The idea of glamorizing medical devices to help them become a widespread phenomenon isn’t a new one. I personally think it’s a wonderful way to coerce people into accepting and leading a healthy life… and the Birthstone embraces that idea beautifully!

Designer: Jake Chanos (Vipose)