The mood-ring got one-upped!


I’ve always felt that the wearable market was missing a piece. Either they strap a computer to your wrist, like the smartwatches of the world, or they make it a fitness tracker. Neither do I need a smartwatch on my wrist, nor am I even remotely interested in fitness. What wearable would fit my kind of audience? Enter the Zenta… a wearable with an agenda that doesn’t just fit my bill, but stands out as a wearable that everyone should own, and use.

Zenta is a wearable device that tracks your happiness. I don’t feel like i even need to say more! The Zenta uses the same data as your regular fitness wearable, but instead of physical health, Zenta measures mental and emotional health. Its sophisticated tracking technology allows it to tell you what effect your actions have on your emotional + mental well-being. When presented with this beautifully curated data, you can consciously live your life making decisions that affect you and your aura in a positive manner. If you’re not sold on this amazing concept just yet, scroll downwards to look at how beautifully sculpted the Zenta is. With its design, it’s bound to look more like a timeless fashionable accessory than a techy gadget strapped to that wrist of yours!

Designer: Vinaya