Be the bass!


You know how your body resonates with the kick drum at clubs? You can literally feel your heart beating to the music… and it’s a great feeling! I love going to a concert and experiencing the music not just through my ears, but body as well. The Subpac comes as a revolutionary piece of tech that allows you to ‘feel’ the music you play from any device. The logic is simple… strap a sub-woofer to your body, and the vibrations that traverse through you will give you easily the best audio experience you can hope for from a portable audio solution.

The Subpac, however, isn’t a simple device. Great technology championed by unobtrusive yet impactful design allows the Subpac to be strapped to your back in an unnoticeable fashion. I personally see a great future for the Subpac, with massive applications in personal-audio, VR, and theater-based scenarios. Moreover, it’s sleek, sexy, silent, and surround sound like you’ve never felt before. The Subpac literally makes audio a physically moving experience!

Designer: StudioFeed

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