A “Sense”able Design

People are changing. We want designs that affect us much more than through our eyes, but ones that touch all senses. A new era is on the horizon in design. Products that can and will move our complete being are in the making. One such design is the new “micro TV” by Tokyo Fiber. The little micro TV concept was developed in a similar fashion as the 1960’s SONY version of their mini TV’s. However, with this new design, all senses are impacted. This Micro TV is covered in fabric and can fit in the palm of your hand. The images are clear and the sounds are music to your ears. Call it “senseware”- small, soft and rounded.

Designer: Sony Design Studio



  • Someoneukno says:

    Wow. This is the first time I’ve seen a TV with soft-y goodness!

  • Jerrt says:

    just what i’ve always wanted a tv that looks like it is watching me. [:

  • richard says:

    so cute…

    i like it

  • tanya says:

    Interesting concept.

    I think that this product idea is a great attempt at enhancing the TV viewing experience.

    By adding the use of senses that are not usually applied traditionally, the experience is changed.

    The question is, do we wish for or require this third dimension while viewing tv?

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