Cases that are Aces!


Any regular battery case for the iPhone looks better than Apple’s atrocious battery case; but the Prong case for the iPhone makes every other case look substandard! Built for every scenario ever envisioned, the case is functional BEYOND the exclusive air of apple accessories. The case comes with a sleeve and a battery in one. Prongs (hence the name) on the backs allow you to charge your case and phone by directly plugging it into a socket. Cable charging is an option too. The best bit about the Prong is that you can charge the battery independently of the phone. A rubber sleeve protects the phone at all times, even when you take the phone out of the battery. On the functionality front, you couldn’t ask for anything more. LED indicators tell you how much charge you have left. A MicroUSB port even allows you to charge your case+phone Android style! How about that! I guess the only thing left now is to squeeze in a solar charger! I jest, of course. 😛

The Prong presents itself as a case that is beautifully inconspicuous. Its bulged back looks nothing like Apple’s camel hump case. In fact, its design almost mirrors the very first iPhone’s design style. I guess Jony Ive wishes he’d thought of this before!

Designers: Jesse Pliner & Lloyd Gladstone

Buy It Here: $79.99 $99.00