Pulsating Music For The Elbows

Physiotherapy for children with Cerebral Palsy can be quite challenging. No doubt they are more resilient than adults, but getting them to do their daily motions needs a zing of innovation! Feel The Beat adds a dash of freshness to the routine by using simple pneumatic air pump technology and music synchronization to become this interactive and toy-like wearable elbow device. Strap it on to your special child and do a different routine!

With adjustable angles of use, this device pulsates in tune with the music, guiding the children the correct pattern of motions. Hence, it improves their ranges of motions, which is important for their daily activities.

Way to go and feel the beat!

Designer: Ang Weiquan

Feel the Beat from aydandesign on Vimeo.

Feel The Beat - Active Assistive Elbow Pulser Designed for Cerebral Palsy Children by Ang Weiquan