Two Brix Are Better Than One

We here at Yanko have seen tons of concepts that attempt to bridge the idea of sharing not only content, but screen real estate with other similar devices. Unfortunately most of those concepts fall flat because they don’t seem to understand the need for a minimalistic approach in order for it to work. The Brix is one of the few that does it right.

First and foremost, Brix is a phone. The entire surface is a touchscreen, even void of a receiver. There is no bezel at all so you really get 100% screen real estate on the front. You have all your personal multimedia functions just like any other phone but here’s where it gets interesting. By stringing together multiple Brix, you expand the screen real estate. Suddenly video is bigger. A temporary virtual shared folder is created to merge content between the devices until they’re disconnected or one device can be designated as the media hub and interface.  The awesome thing is the ability to endlessly string together as many Brix as you want. You can easily go from a small media player to a big screen TV. Throw in an external audio jack, DVR functions, GPS and we have a wonder device – like for real.

Designer: Seokwon Hong


  • jinwoo han says:

    Let’s play winning 11 with BRIX !!

  • Sean says:

    It’s connecting people…

  • Cmoody says:

    If I could afford this, this would be the coolest cell phone ever.

  • Nuttykiwi says:

    10 bucks say’s it will only be seen in South Korea…

  • Hnkelley says:

    I think this is very feasible, but also soon to be obsolete. I can imagine a group of friends having these and linking them together to see something. However, with micro-projectors coming kinda soon, this idea is dead on the vine because it’s too expensive and requires more than one unit, unlike a single unit with a built-in projector. Fun concept, though.

    • Willzville says:

      Are you an idiot? Having an LCD right to the edge of the screen is feasible? Do you even know how LCD’s are made? Let me tell you… getting the panel right to the edge is impossible!!!

  • sarchi says:

    I mentioned this concept in a conversation with a retailer some years ago but crt’s were not in the dock

  • Someoneukno says:

    That would be great… But seriously now, how would this help when you’re on the go? Personally, I wouldnt want to carry around 7 different blocks that eventually made up a screen so I could watch something on the go. I’ll just bring my laptop with me, thanks.

  • sarchi says:

    same problem as the video phone idea you have to buy one get one free coof

  • Seokwon Hong says:

    Thanks for your attention and even critiques.
    My message from this work was “More BRIX, more people, more fun.”
    It was not only the technological benefit but also to make people more to meet and talk.
    If you have wanna know more informations about BRIX, send your e-mail to me.
    [email protected]

    Thank you.

  • Isidor Fisch says:

    This ist so cool…

    Comparing with the iPhone…the iPhone is a piece of crap

    Simple, clean, perfect!

    • Teah says:

      slightly an dunderstatement dear.
      that could easily kick ever cell in the market out.

  • m0me says:

    Nice one…i aint diss Korea but i dont think they could beat France though. 1-2-3 zero Fier d’etre Bleu ;).

  • defuru says:

    nice device, you could probably give them away for free and make millions of the cleaning kits required to keep those things alive 😉

  • Rodney says:

    Interesting concept…however, I would be concerned about durability.

  • mgvaughan says:

    My brix is in the middle of the large screen display and the batteries die. What now?

  • Callina says:

    There are no difference point comparing with that.
    I think older one is better deisgn . Brix just a black box .It didn’t solve its problem which
    connecting part and technological support .Furthermore Brix only have an easy to think concept.. It just a BLACK BOX !! NOt be designed!!

    • Seokwon Hong says:

      Calm down Callina.

      I disagree with your opinion in 3 reasons

      1: “It just a BLACK BOX!! NOt be designed!!”
      —>What do you think about designing is? Complicated one? or Rounded one? or what?

      2. :”There are no difference point comparing with that.”
      —> Of course I saw that one what you mentioned.
      Unfortunately, I designed BRIX in 2006, and I saw it in 2007.
      I agree those two concepts have similar technological factors.
      But, what about the Bluetooth? or Wifi? or even TOUCH SCREEN?
      BRIX’s concept is quiet different from it.

      3: “Brix only have an easy to think concept..”
      —> Yes. It was simple. Do I have to think hard everytime in designing?

      Anyway…thanks for your attention, Callina.

  • Callina says:

    That just a black box with no solutions.
    If you are a designer in field of product , you should consider all of its factors.
    Concept can be simple that most people can imagine it , but designing is more considerable things. I woudln’t blame your concept .However I assert that is just a CONCEPT that everyone is able to imagine !! Not design.
    If I were you, I consider its button arrangement , how to work , where is connectiong point , how to attatch each other ,how can one Brix show information such as score ,time and control pannel , how one Birx become control button when it is put together, how can extend pannel to each edges and so on..
    You didn’t think about all the fact and just develope your think into black square box !!

    I admit your defence about that is little different from it. That’s all.

    In addition , If I were you , I accept someone’s word and using them to grow yourself as a deigner rather than contradict as you are a Lord throughout heaven and earth.

    • Seokwon Hong says:

      Thanks your attention again.

      Of course all critiques of users, designers, or others makes me to grow & my project to be developed.
      I agree with what you said about REAL DESIGNING.

      Yes. BRIX is just a concept. If it could be made, I need marketers, engineers, and even other designers. This is totally HIGH-TEC product, it means Samsung,Nokia,Sony or other technology driven companies could make this.

      And especially, in these days IT products are becoming in very simple shape, like I-Phone.
      It’s not just a part of trend. It’s a paradime shift, you know.

      I think product designers have to think not only the FORM but also the VALUE.
      Do you think that I-phone & PRADA phone are same design? I don’t think so.

      Your critique is very good but it’s somewhat different point of level, I think.
      If you want to know about more Info. of BRIX, please send me mail.
      THANK YOU.

  • Callina says:

    hmm.. I don’t want to know more about Brix ..That’s all about it I think. I understand your insist.
    If you are designer , every momnet you design something ,think all the factors . Not just a rough outline and concept. Don’t shift your work on another. Do you need a marketers,engineers and even other designer? Are you a cub? You must control all of them when the first moment you start design .
    Thant’s the fastest way to become a real leader..
    You should become a man who has sufficient humility to acknowledge your own imperfections now.
    P.S. general people usually think black shiny-slim box looks gorgers~!That’s so simple and fuctionable. But experts dont’t.

    Goodbye and stop persist in your ideas . I’m going to work :>

    Simple design has a good resonable reasons.

  • Callina says:

    By the way , I don’t know what a u saying..
    What’s the point of your reply ? Iphone and Prada phone are different?
    I don’t know…
    Anyway goodluck.

  • Seokwon Hong says:

    “think all the factors ”

    I think to say that word is easier than a concept of BRIX.

    You might be born to CRITIC.

  • sadi야인 says:

    칼리나 인지 뭔지 뭐래는거야??
    흥분해서 조낸 써놨는데
    더 나은 무언가의 고민을 하다보면
    유사한 아이디어는 나올수 있는거지….말야

    하튼 칼리나가 레드홍 디자인에 관심이 많은가 보군..ㅋㅋㅋ
    연락처 알아서 한국으로 초대해라..
    쏘주한잔 하자고~

  • sadi야인 says:

    칼리나 인지 뭔지 뭐래는거야??
    흥분해서 조낸 써놨는데
    더 나은 무언가의 고민을 하다보면
    유사한 아이디어는 나올수 있는거지….말야

    하튼 칼리나가 레드홍 디자인에 관심이 많은가 보군..ㅋㅋㅋ
    연락처 알아서 한국으로 초대해라..
    쏘주한잔 하자고~

  • J says:

    What’s happen if one of them receive a call ?

  • belleuve says:


  • Jacob says:

    You beople are so stuck up! its is a cool phone and some of the things you say are stupid. Who cares if on recives a call it will probobly tell you in one of the corners!

  • Jake Simonds-Malamud says:

    this is the next iPhone. Apple may not know it yet, but it is.

  • vance says:

    so you can share documents and stuff like music just by conecting one brix to another…..
    pretty cool, so if i like a serten song on a freinds mp3 player he can just give it to me there and then, now that is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Raymond says:

    Everything is outstanding, perhaps almost perfect, very successful marketing design. But…..couldn’t you find a nice girls hand rather than ugly guy(your)hand? ….hm.. that little thing is can be very picky, especially when you do such a great design….remember humans hunger never ends….

  • Jeong kyun-Nam says:

    Red hong… I envy you~~~ 🙂

  • max says:

    …………..can I like have 1, or 2, ok 100 for free?



  • Teah says:

    omg, man.
    you could make millions off of that design.
    if you could come up with the internal mech, on how to run that.
    dang man, you’d be a freeking bilionair times like, a million.
    people would go cracked over that thing……
    u tried sending it in?

  • Hayley Watson says:

    Time to go home, now … wait a minute: which one’s mine?

  • Saravanakumar Karuna says:

    Is it available in Chenai, India, ?

  • Saravanakumar Karunanithi says:

    Is it available in Chenai, India, ?

  • Seon Mi says:

    so goooood!!!

  • mx says:

    which idiot will have 8 phones in their pocket?
    but very neat idea for some kind of decorative screen system, seems feasible

  • i like boys says:

    i only need to buy 12 $500 phones… yay! great idea! this doesnt seem stupid at all. but seriously if i knew a buunch of people getting this itd be much cooler

  • i like boys says:

    i only need to buy 12 $500 phones… yay! great idea! this doesnt seem stupid at all. but seriously if i knew a buunch of people getting this itd be much cooler

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