Two Brix Are Better Than One

We here at Yanko have seen tons of concepts that attempt to bridge the idea of sharing not only content, but screen real estate with other similar devices. Unfortunately most of those concepts fall flat because they don’t seem to understand the need for a minimalistic approach in order for it to work. The Brix is one of the few that does it right.

First and foremost, Brix is a phone. The entire surface is a touchscreen, even void of a receiver. There is no bezel at all so you really get 100% screen real estate on the front. You have all your personal multimedia functions just like any other phone but here’s where it gets interesting. By stringing together multiple Brix, you expand the screen real estate. Suddenly video is bigger. A temporary virtual shared folder is created to merge content between the devices until they’re disconnected or one device can be designated as the media hub and interface.  The awesome thing is the ability to endlessly string together as many Brix as you want. You can easily go from a small media player to a big screen TV. Throw in an external audio jack, DVR functions, GPS and we have a wonder device – like for real.

Designer: Seokwon Hong