A Breath of Fresh Air


The Dual Humidifier Air Purifier takes inspiration from mother nature’s very own air-filtering system. Just as raindrops absorb the fine dust and harmful gases in the atmosphere and bring them to the ground, similar is the DHAP’s process for cleaning air inside the home – only it uses a powerful water cyclone. Clean air is filtered out after contact with water particles via the centrifugal force of cyclone, after which the device’s humidification and deodorization functions provide natural, fresh air. As far as air purifiers go, it’s the most capable of providing a feeling of being in the outdoors without leaving home.

Designers: Lee Yong-Jin, Kim Moo-Hyun, Kwon Woo-Jin, Kim Ki-Seop, Cho Dong-Ho, Shin Jung-A, Kim Dong-Muk, Lim Jung-Shik, Park Geon-hee