Two Points Are Better Than One

You never know when inspiration strikes or that you run out of stationery; hence the Two Points Pen is a great way to always be prepared. An innovative combination of a pen, ruler and compass point, you can draw circles on the go, anywhere and every time! I guess architects and interior designers will agree with me!

Designer: Jeonghwan Bae


  • Ricardo says:

    looks a little bit bulky for a pen, fine for me but some people find big pens uncomfortable, also that gigantic spike on the end may be a little bit troublesome if you trow it inside a backpack’s pocket or something like that, other than that this is something i would buy

  • sam says:

    to solve the spike safety. design a cap for it. easy. we can produce the whole pen for you in china.

  • Jeonghwan Bae says:

    Please send e-mail.

  • Jeonghwan Bae says:

    Breathethin[email protected]

  • Ana says:

    where can i buy this?

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