E.R. meets V.R.


Head-worn computers (or headsets) are the future. Not just of entertainment, but of medicine too. The Portal Telemedicine Headset is a state-of-the-art diagnostic tool that allows you to diagnose yourself with the help of a doctor on a video-conference. The headset has a movable camera that allows the doctor to check the patient’s eye. Earphones allow the doctor deliver instructions to the patient. A microphone enables the patient to talk to the doctor. The headset also has a puck-shaped stethoscope that broadcasts readings to the doctor. The patient and doctor communicate using the headset, but a display screen is required for video communication. Two separate interfaces allow the doctor and patient to exchange and assimilate information.

This system is perfect for people who are in remote locations but in need of healthcare. The Portal also offers privacy and comfort, especially for people who are scared of doctors’ clinics. Let’s all wish for a world where medical care is just a teleconference away!

Designer: Jonathan Stewart