Top-Notch Task Lighting


If you work from a desk, you know the surface is an ever-changing landscape that can go from clean-minimalist to a total disaster area in a day’s time. Therefore, it’s important to have lighting that’s versatile enough to adapt to your workspace’s various conditions and requirements. The BRIDA task lamp is a stellar option thanks to its flexibility, simplicity and ability to attach almost surface when taken off the dock. The all metal construction consists of slim tubes that integrate the mechanics as well as cable for the LED and inductive dock charging. With a minimal footprint on the desk, BRIDA not only lights up the work area with energy-efficient LED in two strength modes, it also offers a valuable solution to organize the work desk, to store and charge a mobile device, allowing the user to have permanent reach and view on the display, above all work objects that are on the desk.

Designer: Stefan Radev