The Behemoth is a small and sharp kiridashi capable of big tasks


I believe the term ‘one of a kind’ is the most appropriate to describe Det Tidkun’s work because he only makes one prototype of each of his knives. Made as a super-limited-edition, the Behemoth is one of Tidkun’s many knife designs that get showcased and finally sold on his Etsy page under the moniker Ironbone knives. A craftsman from Thailand, Tidkun makes all his knives by hand, only using power tools to craft and grind billets of steel down to the final product.

The Behemoth is one of Tidkun’s many kiridashi designs. Made for the right-handed enthusiast, the Behemoth comes crafted from 2379 steel with a hardness of 60 HRC. Water-jet-cut out of a single billet of steel before being ground to shape by hand, the Behemoth’s blade, like all good kiridashis, is small, sharp, and incredibly reliable. A rugged edge on the top lets you rest your thumb on the knife, giving it a gripping surface, and a ring at the end of the handle allows you to slip a finger in to grip it better. The Behemoth comes with a stone-washed finish that gives it its signature, rustic, hand-crafted style, and features the Ironbone insignia on the front, and branding on the back. Paired with a nice hand-made leather case, the Behemoth is available on the Ironbone store, but if the past is any indication, it won’t be for long!

Designer: Det Tidkun (Ironbone Knives)

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