Hot Hover!


Rethink transportation with DriftWheels! It’s a two-wheel, self-balancing scooter that not only elevates your daily commute, but also makes movement a fun experience. Modern design elements like carbon fiber and LED lights lend style while a powerful brushes motor propels you in any direction you desire. Glide your way to class or work at up to 6mph on a set of rubber wheels, finely calibrated for an ultra-stable ride.

Effortless Steering: Navigate narrow hallways and open roads alike with responsive, pressure-activated foot pads that make it possible to turn, rotate, accelerate and brake by shifting your weight.

Carbon Fiber Finish & LED Lights: An attractive carbon fiber finish adds texture and style while bright LED lights help you spot obstacles in your path.

Self-balancing Wheels: Carefully calibrated wheels made with high-quality materials provide maximum stability for every ride.

Detachable Handle: Carry it with you anywhere with conveniently detachable handles.

Designer: Hyerin Cho Preda