Cook and Consume In One


Split Frypan is the new standard in dual-function cookware that can be used as both the pan and the plate! There are slots on the sides of the design’s base to lock the bottom plate so that the plate will not fall off or leak during cooking. After cooking is completed, the user must simply pinch the handle to remove the top part. The meal is left in the plate, warm and ready to serve!

Designer: Huijie Zhou, Wang Haochen






  • Latouffe says:

    This idea is so ridiculous, i can’t stay silent.
    I cannot believe some teacher received something like this from his students and did not sent them back to preschool ! Tell me he did !

    This pan WILL leak, even if you just write it won’t, it WILL.
    Then you drop on your dining table the very hot part of the pan, the food falls around on the table cloth, wich is left burnt and greasy ! Great solution …

    Why don’t you eat right out of the pan ? standing in the kitchen ?

    Why do you study design if you have absolutely no common sense ?

    And last but not least : what is the problem you tried to solve with this crap ?

    • Design R says:

      I wouldn’t be as harsh – but the previous comment is correct.

      If it is made from Iron, it’ll take a long time to cool down. The food will be cold before you can handle the plate.
      Will the plate ruin the table? Ruin the table mat? Table cloth? – yes.
      If the plate has a teflon coating – which is used on Aluminum pans – you cant use a knife on a teflon pan. Ruins it.
      the seam for the separation will concentrate the heat rather than spread it out evenly.
      Can the grease, oil, reduction be easily separated from the food?

      What problem did you solve? Is it a cheaper solution? Is it lighter?

      Designers solve problems.
      The design process is more than “make it pretty”, people who just “make it pretty” ruin the reputation of design.

      • Schmummelmummel says:

        ahahaha! BUT: The chinese dont use knife to eat! and also they share the pan with other people.
        I am agree it is really ridiulous, this kind of concept would be killed by prof. at the first meeting.
        Anyway, it was typical chinese student work.

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