Sticky Carpool Window Clingys

A carpool concept for a perfectly trusting world. That’s what this is. Our designers here, Gwang Hoon Lee, Chan Il Jung, have concocted a simple window-sticky device that displays statistics about the contents of the vehicle it inhabits. It shows availability, maximum number of passengers, destination, and ETD estimated time of departure. Sound just fine to you?

It’s also got sleepy Mondays mode (and every other day if you get sleepy) and a BRB system so people can know that you’ll be returning soon to your car.

I’m skeptical! But I will say that self-contained, solar-powered systems like this are an eye-opening bit of technology if they come around. I can see big things coming of this.

Designers: Gwang Hoon Lee, Chan Il Jung


Do You Wanna Go With Me? carpool system by Gwang Hoon Lee, Chan Il Jung