iSee A Better Phone!

The DeckSpace Phone is more of a prototyping experiment focused on designing a phone with a new user experience. I love the iconic way it deals with the numerous apps and the makes them approachable yet distinct from the standard iOS style. Like the designer puts it, “DeckSpace offers a new method for organizing apps on an operating system.” I guess I agree.

Designer: Aaron Kettl


  • Ulrik says:

    A few things wrong here:
    1) There is actually an idea behind having some whitespace between the edge and screen in top and bottom of phone, so you dont accidently hit the screens with your thumbs when working in landscape view.
    2) I see the grid view as a downgraded windows phone 8 copy. It improves on icon size according to your most wanted apps, but It retains the static non-informative functionality.
    3) A bit too much ornamentaiton instead of content focus according to trends.

  • Sean says:

    Agree. But I wouldn’t say it’s wrong. It’s just I’m sad.

    Ever since the launch of iphone, the hardware design remain almost the same each year with some minor tweaks like curve glass, thinner etc.

    I just wish to see something with more purpose other than tweaked shape.

    If the UI is the main element in the design, I wish to see more UX. Only UX could tell whether the UI is thoroughly thought.

  • Bjarn Jorn says:

    Dumb looking phone running a Windows OS ripoff?

  • tenyo says:

    That’s the Windows Phone 8 home screen…

  • ulumulu says:

    Windows phone 8 ripoff ,phone design also low

  • fernando says:

    Windows Phone 8 ????

  • Scott says:

    It looks very good!
    Wonder when it will come out, if this would happen.

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