Stainless Steel Ice Cubes

Not the first time I’ve seen something similar but this Kickstarter project for the stainless steel Pucs are by far the most well crafted. The general idea is ice cubes are terrible at keeping liquids cold. They immediately melt and dilute the flavor and they can even alter the taste if your water source isn’t pure from the start. Don’t even get me started on the chemicals used to treat city water supplies. Pucs stay colder longer and imbue no taste or smell to your drink.

Pucs come in sets of 6 in either a solid Black Walnut or Maple case. The wood case is simply beautiful all by itself, and helps keep them organized and cool if they are out and about. The cases are sourced from FSC woods throughout to assure responsible forestry practices and environmental thoughtfulness

Designers: Dave & Calvin Laituri, Kickstarter