This kinetic sculpture encompasses a mother and child’s bond – Watch the video!

The Bruno’s Swing is a tribute to and a celebration of the joys of motherhood! Designed by Federica Sala after the birth of her son, the swing practically becomes a kinetic sculpture and an icon of the love a mother has for her child.

“I had recently stopped swinging Bruno in my arms because he had become too heavy, but I still had that feeling: it was a wonderful sensation and I wanted to keep it”, says Federica. With Bruno’s Swing, the child sits within a heart-shaped seat, suspended from a bent-metal frame that’s styled to look like a mother. When the child swings, it almost looks as if the heart is beating with the child within it, creating a wonderful metaphor for motherly love! “It is difficult to keep the sensations: at the moment they seem unforgettable, but then many others come along and it is difficult to feel them again. This work is for Bruno to enjoy, but it is above all a ‘memorandum’ for me of this moment in which I felt like that, a strong woman, very close to her son, very much alive, with a heart that was pounding for this union.”

Being an only child, I have grown up being the only one who received all the attention from my parents. So I’m sure this sentiment is echoed heavily in my mother’s heart – the constant tug of war to hold onto her child tight and catch those moments before I grow up.

Designer: Federica Sala of Geometrie da Compagnia