CKIE Product of the week – Wood 2


There aren’t many smartphone stands that ooze class. You’ve got your gaudy plastic stands, your heavy and expensive metal stands, and some designers dare integrate the stands into the smartphone covers…*Shudder*!! Wood, is truly the classiest material of all. It’s been with us since time immemorial, is natural, and looks and feels great. The Wood 2 stand stands out because you wouldn’t expect something this minimal to do the job so well.

Made cleverly out of a Walnut ply that has been pressure formed into that shape, the Wood 2 can take phones, phablets, and tablets of all sizes. The hole at the back can surreptitiously take care of all your wires and whatnot. Rubber feet, add to the Wood 2’s magic by providing a good deal of friction, so you won’t have your phone sliding backwards each time you tap the screen.

So if you’re just as wowed as I am, throwing money at your computer screen won’t work! Head down to the CKIE Store (link below) and pick up a bunch! After all, Christmas is just around the corner!

Available at: CKIE [Buy it here]