The iF Design Awards 2016 – Are You Ready For This?


Design Awards are like Apple iPhone – if you can afford them, then you love them, if not … then you love to hate them. Bottom line is that you can’t be indifferent or ignore their value and impact. I recently spoke to a past winner from India and asked him what value did winning the iF Design Awards bring to his product and he said that it not only added creditability and gave his company a valuable seal of approval. But also instantly put his design in a league where you could blindly buy it, because quality, craftsmanship and sustainability were assured.


In Fact, in countries like Europe, Japan and China, having won the iF Design may influence the buying decision, which is why you have companies like Apple, Samsung, LG etc. participate.

For now it’s your chance: Companies, designers, agencies, building owners, architects and interior designers are invited to participate in the iF Design Awards 2016 in categories that include Product, Packaging, Communication, Interior Architecture, Architecture, Service Design, Professional Concept.


15 October 2015: Last registration deadline
19 to 21 January 2016: Judging session
26 February 2016: Awards Ceremony (iF design award night)


In the heart of it all, if you have a project that is good and impacts your society for betterment then the new iF PUBLIC VALUE AWARD 2016 is all about this. Projects that help finding solutions to the most pressing questions of our time, developed by Designers, public administration bodies, companies and NGOs can apply for it.

Registration deadline: 15 October 2015

It has eleven categories: Power Shifts Globally, Using Resources Smartly, Better Life in Cities, Living Together in the 21st Century, Internet, Media and Data, Climate Change, Vehicles and Mobility of the Future, Ageing Society, Labor Relations Changing, Unleashed Bioengineering and Empowering the Individual.


The evaluation process – Using a specially developed evaluation methodology – the Public Value Scorecard – each submission will be evaluated based on five standard criteria:

1. Does it solve a relevant problem?
2. Does it reflect or promote high moral/ethical standards?
3. Does it strengthen group relations?
4. Does it create a positive experience?
5. Does it balance effort and use value?

The award ceremony, the iF PUBLIC VALUE AWARD NIGHT 2016, will take place at 23 February 2016 at the Neue Sammlung – The International Design Museum Munich, Pinakothek der Moderne.


iF PUBLIC VALUE Student AWARD 2016 is aimed at empowering student projects focused on concepts that tackle the big issues of our time. Does the project solve an important social problem? Does it thus create a dimension of use that also considers ethical questions, that has outstanding aesthetic qualities and that might even lead to new political consequences?


Students and university/college graduates who have completed their studies a maximum of two years prior to their registration.

Registration deadline: 15 October 2015
Awards ceremony: 23 February 2016 in Munich
Fees: Participation is free of charge

Further information on the awards and fees can be found here. Deadline for all the above three awards is 15 October 2015.