A neat looking heat sheet


There’s a myriad of products out there just waiting to step out of their functional avatar and become a thing of beauty. You see, technology is bound to make things better; but it’s only design that can make something aesthetic. And that only happens when an ambitious designer’s gaze falls upon a mundane looking product. A team from the ENSCI Institute in France gave the radiator its much needed aesthetic liberation.

The radiator makes use of Porcelain pieces that are “woven” together with the heating wire. Porcelain does a tremendous job of diffusing heat. Not to mention the porcelain woven structure is highly breathable, allowing the air passing through to be heated quickly and effectively. The radiator’s “porcelain pixel” based design also gives it the ability to sport beautiful color patterns and gradients! What you therefore have is something that’s made better looking and much more functional through design. It’s tremendously pleasing to see when design actually enables technology to do a better job!

The Woven Heater is a Red Dot Award winner for the year 2014.

Designers: Les Ateliers – ENSCI