Bags Over Bottles


The water dispenser may be commonplace, but the typical bottled water dispenser has many design deficiencies. For example, bacteria carried in the air inside the bottle can become mixed with the water, and the large size of the bottle is inconvenient for transportation and recycling. The Vacuum Water Bag replaces the hard plastic bottle with a soft bag. It allows healthier, safer drinking water and is easier to use. As the water inside the Vacuum Water Bag is used, the bag flattens due to the vacuum. The bubbling noises one usually hears when using a traditional water dispenser disappear because air cannot enter the bag. During transportation, the bag can be held by the integrated handle. Installation is straightforward; the bag is hung on the dispenser hook and the nozzle falls into place. The cumbersome size of traditional water bottles means only a few can be moved at one time. Up to ten Vacuum Water Bags can be comfortably carried at once. The refill bags can be stored in the base of the dispenser.

Designer: School of Design, Dalian Nationalities University