This ingenious safety-scissor’s arc-shaped handle serves as both a lock and a spring!

Faber Castell’s Universal Kids Scissor makes clever use of plastic’s ability to be both rigid yet springy. Its unique combination of stiffness and shape memory manifests beautifully in the scissor’s handle, which features a unique arc-shaped component that projects from one handle and slides right into a slot in the other handle.

The ambidextrous scissor’s design is aimed at providing a better usability experience for kids, left-handed people, and people with movement restrictions. The arc design detail is complemented by two docking slots on the opposite handle at different positions. Depending on where you dock the end of the arc, it behaves differently. Dock it on the upper slot and it locks the scissor shut, keeping it safe in the hands of kids. Dock it, however, in the lower slot, and the arc widens giving the scissor a spring that keeps it open, allowing you to cut faster, safer, and with minimal effort. Pretty clever, huh!?

The Universal Kids Scissor is a winner of the iF Design Award for the year 2020.

Designer: Valkiria Creative Intelligence for Faber Castell