Hole in one!


I imagine if drills were guns, this one would be a Sniper Rifle. The Safety Drill (a little generic but what can you do, right?) is your marksman’s drill that gets the hole done right in the first shot. It has its own laser guide system that shows you exactly where the hole’s about to get formed, so no guess work. It also has a retractable plastic sheath that covers the drill bit to prevent injuries, acts as a ruler to measure hoe deep you’re penetrating, and to also collect the dust that falls while drilling. Hidden underneath its smoothly ergonomic exterior is also a metal detector that alerts you if there’s circuitry or pipework where you’re drilling.

A real lifesaver, if you ask me!

Designers: Shang Wei, Li Tianyu, Wang Chuang, Zhang Jianfang & Bo Sang Hyun.





  • Tom S says:

    Some bugs to work out, not all drill bits are the same length, so the little sleeve around the bit would have to adjust to every bit. If it is that adjustable it would not be much of a safety since it would probably just stay in all the time. Would you have to pull out the sleeve every time you drill a hole?

    If the sleeve is going to act as a dust collector, it needs some vacuum behind it or the dust will just come out when you pull away from the wall unless you are very careful.

    A LED light would be helpful in addition to the laser for working in dark areas.

    Might want to make the base (battery) a little wider so it can stand on it’s own.

    Good ideas though.

  • Slugsie says:

    My current (apparently unsafe) battery drills, and even my old hand operated drill all have an ingenious system that lets me know exactly where I’ll be drilling and without the need for a laser. It’s called ‘putting the point of the bit exactly where I want to drill’. Works 100% of the time.

    The ‘dust collector’ will very quickly clog up on anything but the smallest, shallowest holes.

    I’m also intrigued as to how the metal detector will work, given that there is already a big chunk of metal there in the form of the drill chuck and drill bit.

    If drills were guns, this would be a pea shooter.

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