Hole in one!


I imagine if drills were guns, this one would be a Sniper Rifle. The Safety Drill (a little generic but what can you do, right?) is your marksman’s drill that gets the hole done right in the first shot. It has its own laser guide system that shows you exactly where the hole’s about to get formed, so no guess work. It also has a retractable plastic sheath that covers the drill bit to prevent injuries, acts as a ruler to measure hoe deep you’re penetrating, and to also collect the dust that falls while drilling. Hidden underneath its smoothly ergonomic exterior is also a metal detector that alerts you if there’s circuitry or pipework where you’re drilling.

A real lifesaver, if you ask me!

Designers: Shang Wei, Li Tianyu, Wang Chuang, Zhang Jianfang & Bo Sang Hyun.