What if a specialized medical gadget could guide you through CPR?

Slightly more than half of the American population claims to know how to perform CPR. That means there’s roughly a 50% chance that a bystander would know how to resuscitate you. CPR First Aider aims at being able to increase those chances. Not only does it help people who don’t know CPR, it helps people who do know CPR to perform it efficiently. The CPR First Aider is an extensive kit that includes a breathing mask that automatically delivers oxygen while assisting the patient to breathe along with a CPR module that has 4 legs and chest straps to ensure stable, sustained and effective pressure to the patient. An LCD screen on the top guides you through the procedure, while also displaying the patient’s stats blood oxygen concentration and electrocardiogram in real time. Designed to fold into a compact device, the CPR First Aider could easily be stored anywhere a fire extinguisher could be placed. If used correctly and on time, the CPR method could help save lives and prevent trauma from hypoxia. The award-winning CPR First Aider concept helps pave a way to that future.

The CPR First Aider is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2019.

Designers: Fang Di, Li Pengcheng & Yu Yuanyi