2015 Electrolux Design Lab Part 2 – Vote and Win a trip to Helsinki


The first part of the shortlisted 34 Semi Finalists for the 2015 Electrolux Design Lab Competition was truly inspiring! The sharp you has probably voted for your favorite design and will meet us at Helsinki thanks to the People’s Choice Award (details here); still not voted! No worries, here is a little behind-the-scenes with the next batch of 10 Semi Finalists. Explore their mindset and vote for your favorite concept!

Electrolux Hub by Angelo D’Onofrio


YD – How will this concept evolve to involve families in the cooking process?

D’Onofrio – This was one of the incentives behind the design. Multiple users can jump into the virtual environment and interact synonymously, turning it into a dynamic experience.

YD – Have you used any Augmented Reality device? What was the experience like?

D’Onofrio – It’s incredibly immersive. It bridges the gap between the internet of things and what we perceive as reality – there is endless potential to tailor user experience.

Kitchen Wizard by Agata Hoffa


YD – How many components is the Wizard made up of?

Hoffa – Kitchen Wizard is consist of a device for children, a mobile device app for older users and a set of Kitchen Wizard Guard sensors.

YD – Do you like to cook?

Hoffa – Healthy eating is a real pleasure, especially when cooked together with friends. I like to experiment with new flavors and products.

Bioprinter by Constanza Fredericksen Neira


YD – Can only three ingredients be used at a time for the 3D printing?

Neira – You can use more than three ingredients, because in each capsule you can put and mix more than one ingredient.

YD – Have you used a 3D printer, what was your experience with it?

Neira – Yes, I have. This fascinating experience made me think how these printers can be more user friendly and used for more situations.

PLATO by Pilyugina Mariya


YD – Till what age group can the PLATO be used?

Mariya – The PLATO is designed for children aged 0 to 6, most crucial period of growing up in terms of comprehensive sensory and social development.

YD – What inspired you to integrate robotics?

Mariya – On designing the PLATO I was inspired by the ideas of Cynthia Breazeal, MIT Media Lab Professor and the pioneer of social robotics.

Dorian by Örsan Berkay Tülüce


YD – What new features will the Dorian have?

Tülüce – Dorian brings the past, present and future in a kaleidoscope of images and feelings with transforming them so that you can smell and eat.

YD – What is your best childhood memory?

Tülüce – I play a game with my brother that we created. We draw imaginary maps that include states and we doodled places to live with the ones we love.

Future Classroom by Tobias Tsamisis


YD – Will the children also look after the fishes?

Tsamisis – Yes! They are learning to take care about the fishes, because it´s an important part of the system.

YD – Did you like cooking as a teenager?

Tsamisis – Not really, because it wasn’t that funny. But if it would had been entertaining, then for sure!

Bloom by Jordan Martin


YD – What inspired the Kettle design for the Bloom?

Martin – Bloom was inspired by my autistic brother. I wanted to create a safe and simple product that would help him participate in daily chores.

YD – As a designer, what kind of impact are you hoping to make via Product Design?

Martin – I want to influence peoples lives who come from different backgrounds. Helping with daily activities, health, productivity & education.

Gut by Susana Restrepo


YD – In what specific ways does the design purify the air? What technology is used?

Restrepo – Gut uses a Thermodynamic technology system to purify air by heat and cold, more silent and efficient.

YD – What area of product design interests you most?

Restrepo – As I ‘m still studying I’m finding my way and developing my abilities. By now I like ergonomics, product development among others.

Magic Sphere by Sofia Calvo


YD – How does the product detect the health state of the child?

Calvo – The sphere in contact with the hands and breath of the child monitors his health, and changes color according to the child situation.

YD – In your opinion, what is the perfect day?

Calvo – The use of the magic sphere is indicated when the child has symptoms of discomfort.

Uggla by GuYong Park


YD – Besides hugging the product, can children interact with Uggla in any other way?

Park – Depending on the child’s emotional state and health conditions, Uggla can change her facial expressions through the movement of its eyebrows.

YD – What was your favorite toy as a child?

Park – My favorite is LEGO and Dinosaur Doll.

Above are ten of the shortlisted thirty-four entries. Vote for your favorite here. All you need to do after voting is to answer the question “What is Healthy Happy Kids to You?”

The best comment selected by Electrolux will win the prize. Details here.

Deadline: September 14, 12:00 CET

The Prize (for 2 people):

– Return flight to Helsinki
– Transportation from and to airport
– 2 nights stay in central Helsinki 14 – 16 October
– Participation at the Design Lab award ceremony and gala dinner on October 15 2015