Tech in the Toilet


I admit, I use my feet to do most of the maneuvering in a public toilet. Lowering or lifting the frame, feet. Flushing, feet. It’s disgusting I know, but I’d rather keep my hands germ free. The Cut the red line concept introduces a piece of innovation that isn’t new to the toilet, but is definitely new in terms of its application. The concept reinvents the flush by adding an infrared sensing module that connects to the flush. Without actually making any physical contact, one just has to pass their hand through the infrared beam, breaking it, and triggering the flush. Isn’t that a hygienic and clever idea?! Maybe if we included an ultraviolet light component, we could actually flush the toilet and purify our hands at the same time!

The Cut The Red Line is a winning entry for the Lite-On Awards 2015. Entries for this year’s LiteOn awards are open till the 16th of June, 2016. Head down to the LiteOn website for further details. Hurry, the deadline is almost here!

Designers: Yu-Ting Yen & Tzu-Chun Tsai.