A Tool built to Rule


I’m no gearhead, but I know how to appreciate good engineering when I see one. The Adjustable Ratcheting Socket Tool (really needs a nickname, in my humble opinion) is a well-thought-of tool that takes good engineering seriously, and creates a product that doesn’t need stylization and over-designing. Good design is as little design as possible, right?

The Adjustable Ratcheting Socket Tool is an adjustable torque wrench that’ll do the job, no matter what. Made for complete ease of use, you’ll almost wonder why no one ever thought of something this efficient before! Don’t believe me, check the video out and you’ll want to dump your current toolbox in a river.

Designer: Daniel Chiriac








  • Mahmoud Fouad says:


  • Slugsie says:

    I have to congratulate the designer as they have actually built a working prototype rather than mocking something up in a 3D package.

    However, there are many such designs. It’s not original. They’re not common because they really don’t offer many advantages over traditional tools, yet suffer many disadvantages. It’s far, far too bulky for a start.

  • Gasshed says:

    absolutely agree with Slugsie, to big and cumbersome, no advantage over traditional tools. Even the stud through design has been conquered many times and in a less chunky way.

  • Dan says:

    If you read the comments on YouTube, this is a proof of concept prototype to show the function, and not a final product.
    The final model can be 40% smaller and can grab a nut that’s the same dimension as the head of the tool.
    USPTO consider it original, as it granted an Utility patent #9156143.
    There is no other adjustable ratcheting tool on the market that can be used with one hand and has a pressure on the bolt once the adjustable hand was removed from the “adjustablility” dial.

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