An iPhone Just For the Ladies

Designed with emphasis on curves and a super-slim profile, the iPhone Heerra is one for the girls. Its softer aesthetic is a feminine alternative to the more masculine, industrial look of current and past models, yet it maintains the familiar minimalist look that fanboys (and fangirls) love. Hit the jump for full specs —>

  • 12mp rear-facing camera
  • 4 mp front-facing camera
  • 4.5/4.7/5.0-inch HD displays
  • iOS 9
  • 2GB standard RAM
  • Black, Silver, White with a on/off switchable LED Apple back logo

Designer: Hege


  • Come On says:

    Oh thank god there’s an iPhone for women now. My wife and daughter will finally be able to understand these manly devices. Currently when they pick one up, it’s like they’re looking at some alien object because it’s just too masculine for them. This designer really is changing the world with this design. Let’s make women versions of EVERYTHING, I tell you!

  • Andrew says:

    Aside from this concept being a really bad interpretation of Apple’s design language, it’s inherently sexist.

  • Ema says:

    There have always been male, female and unisex products. I see nothing wrong here. This are very attractive concepts. They are wonderful.

  • Steve says:

    IF you think you need to make a feminine phone your initial concept is inherently garbage…

    Aside from the horribly flawed initial idea, the graphics on the device completely ruin its clean minimalist design language… Jony Ives would fire you for presenting this trash to him

  • Come On says:

    @Ema This is dumb because the iPhone already is unisex. There is literally no need to add sexed variations. It would only add complexity to the manufacturing process, increasing the cost without giving a substantially better user experience. The only thing this concept adds is an aesthetic that the designer assumes will be enjoyed more by women. And, given Apple’s recent financial results, they clearly are not missing +50% of the world’s population. Women are enjoying the unisex iPhone everywhere with no issue, so not only has the designer diagnosed the design issue incorrectly, but the designer has also imposed inherently sexist ideas onto one of the most popular products ever made. All in all, major fail.

  • Ema says:

    @Come On
    I like your sense of humor, I really do and I respect everyone’s opinion, this is mine…
    Men’s and Women’s fashion is different, so why not have a different looking phones ( design ) apart from just different colors of the phone.
    There is nothing wrong with unisex, but there’s nothing wrong with just men or female phones… That is how I see it.

  • ANDREW says:

    As a designer, accepting criticism is as important as giving opinion. In the industry, when you present your ideas to your colleagues and getting hard critics from most (or even all) of them could determine whether or not you’re the right person to collaborate with. Of course you’re entitled with your personal opinion, however it’s better to present your ideas with solid reason and keep it objective rather than referring to emotional and personal taste and value only.

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