Every Drop Counts

Designed for Kenyan women who must walk 6 hours a day just to collect a few buckets of water, TransWater provides workers in developing countries with a more efficient load carrying alternative. Using locally sourced materials, users can follow the blueprints to create a solution tailored to their requirements. Better yet, it can be passed on or helpful for creating solutions for other community members.

Designer: Yiannis Hadjipapas



  • Al says:

    Here’s what I think.

    I see tools like screwdrivers, power tools(correct me if I am wrong, it looks like a power tool from the small image). My point is, you are talking about women who would use this. Vibrations while pushing the device over dirt road will make screws loosen. No Kenya women would bring a screwdriver along to repair along the way if any screws come loose.

    If I am right about the power tools, which I hope not, then I would be very disappointed with the design.

    Suggestion. Design hand tighten knobs for the screws so that the women can use their hands to assemble the device or to tighten them if the screw came loose.
    Design the screws such that it will not fall out of the parts so that screws like these don’t get lost over time. Include stamp out spanners(like what IKEA do) or have the handle or some parts be part of the tools. For example, the handle can be removed and be used as a screw driver or something.

    Lastly, think of ways to exclude power tools (if I am correct about the power tools)


  • John says:

    I like it!

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