This Disco Ball Helmet may be a public safety hazard, but it’s easily the coolest headgear possible!

The 70s called. They wanted to know where you got that sick helmet from.

Before really talking about anything, yes, this helmet is a bit of a safety hazard given it can cause glare during the day, or trigger someone’s epilepsy (although that seems highly unlikely), so that’s definitely worth keeping in mind. However, putting that aside, the Disco Ball Helmet is truly one of the most fashionable pieces of riding headgear you could possibly own. Perfect for wearing at night, indoors at a skating rink, or even as headgear at a music concert, the Disco Ball Helmet is exactly what you think it is. Outfitted with thousands of tiny mirror pieces, the helmet adds a sparkle to your outfit while protecting your noggin from damage. If you do decide to wear it, it also comes with a retracting sun visor and is ECE 22-05 certified for road safety. Do be warned, however. Cops may not take too kindly to the vibe you’re trying to project!

Designer: Disco2Disco

The Disco Ball Helmet comes in 3 colors – the classic silver, and the unconventional but equally fascinating gold and rose-gold. You even have 4 sizes to choose from, depending on your cranial measurements, and the inner lining of the helmet is removable and washable, allowing you to maintain your Disco Ball Helmet over time.