Foolproof Shoe Sizing

Without trying them on first, buying shoes online is always a risky purchase. Ajust is a service that aims to solve this problem by allowing both retailers and buyers to match their sizes to a standard sizing format that can easily be printed. For users, simply print the sheet, step onto the template and get the precise length and width measurements of the foot before comparing with the retailer’s available sizes. Vid after the jump!

Designer: Selma Durand

Ajust from Selma Durand on Vimeo.


  • neen says:

    An interesting idea but alas environmentally unfriendly. As designer we should refrain from designing things that will be wasteful. Maybe this idea could be translated to a service offered in local shoe vendors?

  • trimtab21 says:

    how do you know it is printing 1:1 scale?

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