This DIY kit lets you build your own giant dome with bamboo!

In a world where everyone is moving toward’s sustainability, architects are also building their structures with materials that are sensitive and kind to nature with materials like bamboo! Bamboo is a durable, cost-effective, and accessible building material that is being used to create majestic structures that respect their surrounding environment. You don’t have to be an architect to want to build a bamboo structure of your own thank to the ‘Zome building kit’ by Giant Grass! The studio has made a DIY kit that is basically a larger-than-life LEGO project which can live in your backyard or be scaled up to create a community space.

The ‘zome’ is a flexible space that can be used by children to hang out in the backyard, like a gazebo for you to entertain guests in, a greenhouse for seedlings, a creative space in the office, a quiet space for yoga at home, or a glamping tent – it can be anything you want it to be. This DIY kit is perfect for those who want to live sustainability and enjoy working on projects which result in a productive reward. The kit comes with all accessories needed – 350 precision-made bamboo strips, nuts, bolts, and an installation guide to make the 3m x 3m ‘zome’. Giant Grass wanted to scale its design and building process to make it more accessible and affordable. The geometric shape of the structure is different than a traditional dome, but the lightweight structure follows similar design principles in regards to symmetry, proportions, and triangulations. ‘Zome’ creates a far more useable space compared to a dome – a 3m diameter dome spans 1.5m in the center while a 3m diameter zome around 2.8m.

It is easy to assemble and doesn’t require any special tools or construction experience. You can make your ‘zome’ in 2-3 hours and dismantled it in just 3o minutes. The bamboo strips are covered with UV-resistant coating and will grey over time like timber unless they are covered with oil which can retain the yellow aesthetic. The ‘zome’ weights less than 35kg and can be transported by two people easily. ‘Zome’ kits give you more power to create a space that you are proud of while being mindful of its environmental impact!

Designer: Giant Grass